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A Tenderfoot Bride

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When our train left Colorado Springs and headed out into those vast stretches of the prairie, which spread East like a great green ocean from the foot of Pike's Peak, all the sensations of Christopher Columbus setting sail for a new world, and a few peculiarly my own, mingled in my breast. As the train pounded along I stole a look at Owen. He was absorbed in the contemplation of a map of our new holdings. Under that calm exterior I suspected hidden attributes of the primitive man. Certainly there was some reason why Western life was to his liking, having had the chance to choose.

A Bride From The Bush

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A Bride from the Bush is the first novel written by E. W. Hornung. He started writing the book while working as a tutor for Charles Joseph Parsons in Mossgiel Station, New South Wales, Australia. The novel was initially published by Smith, Elder & Co. as a serial in the Cornhill Magazine, and then published in book format by the same company in October 1890. As with Tiny Luttrell and The Unbidden Guest, two of Hornung's other early novels, A Bride from the Bush points out flaws in British society by presenting the country through an Australian perspective. A reviewer from The New York Times called the novel "a most piquant contrast between civilization and crudity". The writer Thomas Alexander Browne called the titular character of A Bride from the Bush "a libel to Australian womankind". A Punch editor made the opposite claim, arguing that the protagonist of the novel is more kind-hearted and attractive than actual Australians. Hornung's later stories in the A. J. Raffles series achieved much more popularity than A Bride from the Bush. Nonetheless, he himself liked A Bride from the Bush and his other Australian stories better than those of Raffles. When he published the novel Peccavi in 1900, a critic from The Advertiser wrote a scathing review, writing that Hornung should go back to Australia so he would be inspired to write something as good as A Bride from the Bush again. Upon Hornung's death, a tribute in Freeman's Journal called A Bride from the Bush "the best and the best known" of Hornung's Australia-related stories. In 1924 Andre Curoy and Theodore Baker argued in The Musical Quarterly that Hornung's characterisation of the novel's hero as being pitiable for being unable to appreciate anthems demonstrates that A Bride from the Bush is typical of other novels of the time in favouring vocal church music.

The Gold Collection: A Bride For The Taking

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Distracted by Her Beauty Ruthless property tycoon Jarrett Gaskill will stop at nothing to get what he wants - and High Ridge Hall is next on his list. So he's shocked to find beautiful Sophia Markham already at the manor, refusing to leave. But Jarrett isn't giving up easily, one way or another he will seal this deal! Taking Back His Bride Jake Larsen never expected to see his estranged wife Ailsa, ever again - let alone find himself snowbound with her. Resisting one another's burning touch is harder than ever, and the longer Jake stays, the more determined he is to win back the heart of the woman he once lost...A Shocking Proposal Seeking refuge from her past, Karen Ford has no intention of getting involved with any man - especially not the brooding stranger she meets one fateful day...Gray O'Connell is known for his cool demeanour, so Karen's shocked when her rugged neighbour makes her a very intimate proposition!


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