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The Wedding Checklist: Secrets To Planning A Stress-free Wedding

RRP $19.95

Learn the secrets to planning a stress-free wedding * Free yourself from wedding stress - and plan your entire wedding - in less than one week * Discover thousands of wedding ideas and inspiration * Enjoy your engagement don't spend the entire time planning Smart brides have one thing in common - a good checklist! Did you know the average wedding can take over 200 hours just to plan? And that doesn't include completing all of the associated tasks, activities, errands and projects. But it doesn't have to take that much time (or energy). I can take the stress out of planning one of the most important days of your life and show you how to make every wedding decision in less than one week. Unlike other wedding planning books, this one is designed for brides (and their grooms) who want to get down to the business of planning their wedding without having to wade through the fluff. You won't waste precious time researching every little detail - it is all written here for you. This book acts as your wedding blueprint by breaking down every task into manageable steps. It provides loads of suggestions that allow you to personalise your big day at every step and plan a completely unique wedding. It also shows you how (and when) to look to professionals for advice and suggestions in their field of expertise. This book will ensure you don't get lost in the stress and drama of wedding planning. Above all, your wedding is a celebration of your love and planning it should be fun!

A-z Bible Teachers Checklist

RRP $15.99

This unique book, filled with over 100 checklists of ideas, serves two purposes - the first gives practical hands-on advice to teachers who are looking to improve in areas of their ministry. The second purpose is to help teachers and staff with ideas and activities to improve student/teacher relationships. Another big plus about this useful guide is...with just about every nugget of advice given on teaching, there is one scripture (sometimes two) that the teacher can refer to. The author wanted to stay close to the scriptures. These checklists of ideas parallel instructions and commands given by great teachers found throughout the pages of the Bible. They are filled with solid advice that any teacher can experiment with and directly apply in the classroom setting. This book is not intended to be an intense and complicated training manual for teachers. The style of the writing is very user friendly and the simplified text helps teachers with teaching methods and activities. Likewise, this book can be used for training teachers because of the advice and the accompanying scripture references. You will find a number of "Idea Starters" which are quotes about tried events or activities that were successfully achieved. The "Idea Starters" will help bring teachers and students together and strengthen the bonds between the two. In help with the teaching process, there is a section titled: "Teaching Comfort From The Scriptures." The topical headings cover a number of modern-day concerns people face, such as depression, anxiety, isolation, and others. Scripture references are given for these concerns. The scriptures can bring comfort to both teacher and students alike. So...there is a variety of information to equip the teacher with classroom instruction and advise, teacher/student activities, scriptures referring to biblical teaching, and scriptural answers to modern-day concerns.

Residential Landscape Sustainability - A Checklisttool

RRP $258.99

This valuable resource for developers and designers will help to develop design solutions sympathetic to the environment and improve the sustainability of residential landscapes.

The landscapes around housing have a crucial role in creating a more sustainable future with carbon-neutral homes. This book shows how to improve the sustainable profile of new residential developments through landscape planning, design and management - by conserving resources and minimising pollution, and by enhancing ecological diversity. This may be achieved without significant additional capital outlay.

The residential landscape sustainability checklist gives housing developers, landscape architects, architects and planners a tool with which to assess the environmental implication of their schemes throughout the design process - from site planning to detailed design.

The checklist focuses on residential housing developments but many features of the tool - including improving energy efficiency, materials selection, planting design and management - can also be applied to a wide range of different types of development, from school grounds to retail parks.

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