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Food Service Management By Checklist

RRP $284.99

"Whether in the classroom or on the job, this book will provide its users with the means for focused action plans. Like the food service operations which they are designed to measure, the checklists are organized to follow a flow ranging from the front of the house to the back of the house and up to the top of the house, covering all relevant procedures from food and beverage service to product handling to general administration. Modern issues such as cultural diversity, guest relations, food safety and sanitation, and energy management have been incorporated into the checklists. Another incredibly useful tool is a sample "Shopper’s Report." Usually in the domain of classified information, this one form alone may be worth the cost of the book to students, consultants, and operators. "There is a lot to like in this book, but the section that I particularly appreciate is on how to orient and train new employees. Since checklists specify exactly which procedures should be followed, and often in which order, it is easy to provide new workers with all the information they need to perform their jobs knowledgeably and confidently. The checklists are designed in such a manner that they can be applied instantly. Most do not need modification to fit specific needs of individual operations. "In short, this book contains hundreds of checklists, not rehashed from other sources but intelligently compiled, prioritized and updated to meet the current and immediately foreseeable needs of food service operations. Many operators do not use checklists either because they do not know how to develop one or because they do not have time for such an objective and detailed analysis of their operations. This book is the answer. The operator can simply lift applicable items from selected sections and integrate them into a management system. Once readers become familiar and comfortable with checklists and procedures, they can go on to develop their own. As the author himself states, this is a book that is meant to be used rather than read. I did not just read this book; I devoured it. Food Service Management by Checklist is destined to become a classic." —Edward G. Sherwin Chairman, Hotel-Motel/Restaurant-Club Management Department Essex Community College

Clinical Nursing Skills And Techniques-text And Checklist Package

RRP $259.99

This money-saving package includes Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques Textbook and Skills Performance Checklists for Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques, 8th edition.

Write Rubbish Repeat - A Writers Checklist Of 40 Utterly Worthless & Frighteningly Dangerous Self Publishing Guidelines

RRP $18.99

Imagine 6 of the best authorities on self-publishing got together...

...And put together a slurry of shit that helped nobody!

A book so appalling, that to act upon even one of the strategies inside, would be to write your self-publishing career's death warrant.

Yes, with this premium guide, you too can join the legions of stupid bastards who fail to sell a single copy of their sorry excuse for a book each and every month!

Here's a small taster of the unfathomable garbage you'll be subjected to on the inside:

  • Rick Smith: How to publish on CreateSpace, and then have sex with your audience... in groups if you wish!
  • Matt Stone: Get noticed and sell your books to the average stupid person via social media.
  • Von Money: How to steal extra money from your customers, from right inside your book!
  • Derek Doepker: How to annoy, offend and completely disgust potential readers.
  • Buck Flogging: Why the term "My dick disappears when I tie my shoes" could make you rich.
  • Jack Offonew: How to get several idiots to write most of your book for you... for FREE!
I sincereley promise that this smorgasbord of 40 strategies will have you living in the poorhouse permanently, as long as you continue to utilize the gems found within!

Here! Just look at what some of the fictional reviewers that I just made up are saying about this... erm..."book."

"After over 7 decades of painstaking research into self-publishing, 41 year old Jack Offonew has finally unleashed his masterwork which was written last week by other people." - The Daily Moron

"So funny I shit my pants!" - Foulmouthed Beast Monthly

"Best book for self-publishers ever, I love re-reading it on my motorbike!" - Guy "Kawasaki" Jones

"On the outside it's just another self-publishing book, if you look deeper however you'll see that the author is slightly touched." - John the blogger

"This was acutely distressing. Those poor, poor co-authors." - Charles Manson

So, what are you waiting for?

To fall for yet another dreadful call to action and waste more money, simply scroll up & wildly click the "Buy Now" button multiple times!


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