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The Wedding Checklist: Secrets To Planning A Stress-free Wedding

RRP $19.95

Learn the secrets to planning a stress-free wedding * Free yourself from wedding stress - and plan your entire wedding - in less than one week * Discover thousands of wedding ideas and inspiration * Enjoy your engagement don't spend the entire time planning Smart brides have one thing in common - a good checklist! Did you know the average wedding can take over 200 hours just to plan? And that doesn't include completing all of the associated tasks, activities, errands and projects. But it doesn't have to take that much time (or energy). I can take the stress out of planning one of the most important days of your life and show you how to make every wedding decision in less than one week. Unlike other wedding planning books, this one is designed for brides (and their grooms) who want to get down to the business of planning their wedding without having to wade through the fluff. You won't waste precious time researching every little detail - it is all written here for you. This book acts as your wedding blueprint by breaking down every task into manageable steps. It provides loads of suggestions that allow you to personalise your big day at every step and plan a completely unique wedding. It also shows you how (and when) to look to professionals for advice and suggestions in their field of expertise. This book will ensure you don't get lost in the stress and drama of wedding planning. Above all, your wedding is a celebration of your love and planning it should be fun!

Write Rubbish Repeat - A Writers Checklist Of 40 Utterly Worthless & Frighteningly Dangerous Self Publishing Guidelines

RRP $18.99

Imagine 6 of the best authorities on self-publishing got together...

...And put together a slurry of shit that helped nobody!

A book so appalling, that to act upon even one of the strategies inside, would be to write your self-publishing career's death warrant.

Yes, with this premium guide, you too can join the legions of stupid bastards who fail to sell a single copy of their sorry excuse for a book each and every month!

Here's a small taster of the unfathomable garbage you'll be subjected to on the inside:

  • Rick Smith: How to publish on CreateSpace, and then have sex with your audience... in groups if you wish!
  • Matt Stone: Get noticed and sell your books to the average stupid person via social media.
  • Von Money: How to steal extra money from your customers, from right inside your book!
  • Derek Doepker: How to annoy, offend and completely disgust potential readers.
  • Buck Flogging: Why the term "My dick disappears when I tie my shoes" could make you rich.
  • Jack Offonew: How to get several idiots to write most of your book for you... for FREE!
I sincereley promise that this smorgasbord of 40 strategies will have you living in the poorhouse permanently, as long as you continue to utilize the gems found within!

Here! Just look at what some of the fictional reviewers that I just made up are saying about this... erm..."book."

"After over 7 decades of painstaking research into self-publishing, 41 year old Jack Offonew has finally unleashed his masterwork which was written last week by other people." - The Daily Moron

"So funny I shit my pants!" - Foulmouthed Beast Monthly

"Best book for self-publishers ever, I love re-reading it on my motorbike!" - Guy "Kawasaki" Jones

"On the outside it's just another self-publishing book, if you look deeper however you'll see that the author is slightly touched." - John the blogger

"This was acutely distressing. Those poor, poor co-authors." - Charles Manson

So, what are you waiting for?

To fall for yet another dreadful call to action and waste more money, simply scroll up & wildly click the "Buy Now" button multiple times!

A Checklist Of American Imprints 1846

RRP $318.99

The purpose of the work is to make an initial identification of monographs; state and local documents; pamphlets; broadsides; and other material published in America during the period from 1820-1875. The bibliography is based upon the work of the American Imprints Inventory of the Depression era WPA, but draws heavily upon more recently published national and state bibliographies. It incorporates the theses done at Catholic University, which continues the publication program of the Historical Records Survey. Arrangement is by author. The essential elements of description are given and, in most cases, location of several extant copies are provided. 1846 is the most recent volume in the series.


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