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Traditions And Encounters

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Traditions & Encounters offers an inclusive vision of the global past-one that is meaningful and appropriate for the interdependent world of contemporary times. Given the diversity of human societies, gathering and organizing the sheer mass of information in a meaningful way is a daunting challenge for any world history survey course. The seven-part chronological organization enables students to understand the development of the world through time, while also exploring broader, big-picture thematic issues in world history. Through new and revised chapter-level and part-level features, the hallmark twin themes of traditions and encounters emerge in greater clarity than ever before in this sixth edition. As a result, students have resources that enable them to move beyond the facts of history and examine the past critically, analyze causes and effects, and recognize similarities and differences across world regions and time periods. By digging deeper into the implications of world history's stories-not just the who, the what, and the where, but also the why and the how-students can make sense of the human past.

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How To Make A Modern Woman Act Like A Traditional Lady

RRP $12.99

Taking the confusion that women are, and making them perfectly simple to understand. The "How to" guide that gives the power to men in their search for a good woman. It starts by showing you how to see crazy & how to find good. Then gives you all the secrets, like "the Bible of Moodiness," how to flip the tables on her in the bedroom and much more.

A Not-so-traditional Regency Christmas

RRP $18.99

Two stories featuring an unlikely combination of ghosts, science and dysfunctional families: Bride of Belznickel Hannah Brown is forced to spend the Christmas holidays far from home with cousins who ridicule her at every opportunity. To get revenge, she tries to scare them by making up stories about the Belznickel, the Christmas demon. Then her stories start to come alive... Dinners With Mr. Danville Love is the delusion of fools. Helen has watched the illogical emotion turn her sister into a mindless mooncalf who ruins Christmas every year by descending on the household with her husband and an ever-growing menagerie of disruptive children. So when her sister has the nerve to suggest that Helen is in love with her neighbor, Mr. Danville, Helen sets out to prove her wrong. But Helen isn't prepared for the truth-and, as it turns out, neither is Mr. Danville.


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