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How To Have A Great International Wedding

RRP $71.50

This is a delightful book about the authors experience in investigating and planning her wedding outside of the United States. She shares specific creative details ranging from how to select the wedding date to how to make your guests feel very special. It is told in a humorous manner and is quite easy to understand. This book is dedicated to brides of all ages who may want to do things a little differently and have a non-traditional wedding. It gives helpful tips throughout the book, along with supplying a check-off list that will assist any bride, including those who choose to marry at home. This book will definetly give you some thing that you can use in planning your wedding.

How To Plan Your Wedding

RRP $13.99

Weddings are celebrated all around the world. Different cultures have different ways of observing or commemorating the ceremony, but all of them formalize a union between two individuals. Some cultures even make a banquet out of the wedding and it lasts for several days! The wedding ceremony itself is particular to someone's culture and religion. Sometimes people mix traditional ceremonies and religious practices for a truly unique, personalized wedding. In the past, couples have traditionally taken the responsibility of planning their own wedding. Today, with Wedding Event Planners, this can make the process a little bit easier. No matter what culture you're from, however, one thing still remains constant: the couple is at the center of the ceremony....and the price can be intimidating!

A Mouse's Wedding

RRP $17.99

The fifth in a series of books combining tales from different cultures and drawing lessons. This one is about a story found in cultures around the world. The lesson is about adapting classic stories to make them unique. Writing, illustration, and problem solving are all part of this volume. Who will marry the little mouse? Who is the most powerful? Sun, Cloud, Wind, or another young mouse?


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